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Process Server: A Real and Genuine Job Opportunity
If you want to make extra money or even change careers, consider becoming a process server and registering with Veterans Process LLC. This is a top spot opportunity for veterans. We served our country to let freedom ring, now we can serve our county by serving legal process for justice.

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What does a Process Server do?

The duties of Process Server are delivering legal and court documents. A process server hands the documents directly to the defendant or gives them to another individual in the defendant’s residence or place of business.

Why become a Veteran Processs Server?

  1. Veterans Process LLC advertises to the local legal community
  2. Veterans Process LLC is a growing network of veterans who offer legal service. We want people to say "Call Veterans Process, they are just about everywhere."
  3. Opportunities provide for a high income unlimited growth with priority registration for veterans.
  4. You fought for freedom, now work to serve justice. It's another way to serve your nation.

Is Process Serving Dangerous?

The simple answer is, “Yes, service of process can be a dangerous assignment… but it does not have to be.” In all things common sense must prevail.

  • Use common sense
  • Talk to the client- has the person being served been violent in the past?
  • If you believe the person being served may react violently, contact the police.
  • Know your surroundings.
  • Keep cell phone handy.
  • Be polite and friendly.
  • Do not turn your back on the person being served.

Remember, most process servers will never find themselves in a life or death situation but let common sense be your guide and stay safe out there!

Interested in becoming a Process Server?

Veterans Process is an organization that promotes military vets in business. Join a growing network of process servers around the country. Call today to discuss the employment opportunity at 1-520-355-2667 or contact us by email.

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