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As a veteran-owned business owner, Jeff Greer, supports military veteran employment. Veterans Process gives veterans the opportunity to continue to serve with dedication and professionalism in the legal services.
So why hire a veteran-owned business? Veterans are mission focused and team players with an unparalleled work ethic. Also over 90 percent of those in the military have had extensive background checks.

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What does a Process Server do?

Most people know that process servers deliver legal papers for court cases. However, the job is rarely as easy as it sounds.

What is Involved?

If things go well, the process server will visit the party's home or business and hand deliver the relevant paperwork.

In actual practice, however, the job is normally much more difficult. Sometimes a person who does not want to be found must be tracked down. This takes investigative skills. Skip tracing, the act of locating someone who may not want to be found, can be time consuming and difficult.

Next, the paperwork must be delivered. It is never guaranteed that people will be respectful of the legal system and accept the paperwork without protest. The process server needs to be knowledgeable of the legal system. If the papers are served incorrectly, the entire case may be thrown out on a technicality.

The process server may need to follow the intended recipient, employ diversionary tactics and use other methods to ensure that the papers are delivered, all the while following state and local laws. Process serving can be a complicated mission.

In Conclusion

Process serving, while a relatively simple job, can be complex or even dangerous at times. The job must be performed according to a specific set of guidelines and without breaking any laws. The process server's skills and abilities may help determine whether the case is able to proceed.

Interested in becoming a Process Server?

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